With a Secure Technology Infrastructure, Hackers Have Few Places to Go

A hacker is not some guy, sitting in a basement, trying to breach the email of a company executive. This can be the situation, but it is not likely. A hacker is more like a coder who creates a program that can still numbers, passwords, and data entries if the code finds the right path in. The hacker may have a program developed which automatically processes millions of points of data until there is a bite. A bite, in this case, is a path into the system.

The hacker then sends a piece of malware into the system which gets “him inside.” From there, it can be all over. This sounds a lot more nefarious than it actually is, though some hackers have done some horrible things for data security. Little of this process is happening consciously. The malware often works on its own. The original “creator” has little idea of where it will end up, only that it has the capacity to spread and go far.

It is a playground for hackers, but systems are catching up and superseding their efforts. The environment has proliferated hacker’s success. Big mobile data keeps many digital components under one roof. Mobile apps allow entry points everywhere. Any phone could potentially be a point of entry for a piece of malware. The introduction of mobile apps has really expanded the potential for hackers. Phone systems and mobile apps are still incredibly fresh and new, and exploits are everywhere. Fortunately, it is getting a lot better. A web-based system may open the door for many new attacks, but a proactive effort to thwart them will stop many. This includes a secure technology infrastructure from the mobile platforms to data tracking and everything in-between.

Ultimately, hackers are careless and restrained. They often have little knowledge of where their attack is going, only that it has a chance of landing somewhere. If small businesses increased their game, many hackers would be incapable of properly keeping up. It’s a game where only the most vulnerable are targeted. The rest, who protect their assets, will omit many of the potential hackers right out of the playing field.