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How To Deal With Revenge Pornography Cases

Romantic relationships have a big challenge in the digital age considering that an ex-partner can decide to post sexual explicit photos or videos of the other partner online without consent. In some cases, sexually explicit content that should be private might become public because of hacking. The above mentioned scenarios are increasingly becoming common in our society, and are referred as revenge pornography. In legal terms, revenge pornography involves posting compromising sexual content of a given person online without their consent. Such a scenario usually happens when couples split. Statistics show that over 90% of the people affected by revenge pornography are women. As result, women are advised to take care, when it comes to sharing their intimate photos or videos.

As a victim of revenge pornography, you shouldn’t keep mum and continue suffering emotionally. You should instead search for a lawyer with expertise in online reputation management to assist you. The lawyer can order for the removal of the material once he or she identify where it is posted. In a majority of cases, an attorney may have to file suits to protect the client form further damage. A lawyer can for instance decide to file for monetary compensation or restraining order if it is necessary.

Although a lot of people do not know their rights, a majority of states in America have laws against revenge pornography. But some states like Ohio have no laws on revenge pornography after they failed to pass bill 353. As of now, 38 American states already posses laws prohibiting cyber bullying and revenge pornography. Recently, a renowned online defamation expert named Aaron Minc was interviewed by Cleveland 5 channel on the issue of revenge pornography in Ohio. He advised that although the state of Ohio hasn’t passed the bill 353 that touches on revenge pornography, victims can still get justice via other avenues. For instance, one can seek protection against intrusion of privacy, harassment or voyeurism. MR. Minc advises people to take action quickly before their reputations are completely destroyed.
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Many US states take the cases of revenge pornography very seriously. The age of posting someone’s content online without consent is coming to and end. Nowadays, powerful internet companies such as Google are being compelled to remove damaging content by the courts. If you suffer from revenge pornography, then you should not suffer emotionally, instead you can decide to work with a lawyer to clean your image. Damaging content can be removed when an experienced attorney works in partnership with online firms. With enough sensitization, cases of revenge pornography are likely to go down. The cases are bound to be high, if more states fail to pass the laws prohibiting the vise.Looking On The Bright Side of Lawyers