The Key to a Thriving Pond

A thriving pond is beautiful, soothing, and active. When placing one in a yard or commercial property, the key to keeping it in excellent condition is providing living water aeration. This can be accomplished in a small pond with the installation of a fountain. A large pond will require a separate aeration system in addition to a fountain. A pond fountain circulates water from a depth of approximately six inches and draws it into the pump from within a specific diameter. For that reason, a small pond that is narrow or has a corner in the shape of it may require a second fountain. The spray provides oxygen to support a small eco-system and reduce the amount of algae and bacteria in a rather confined space.

A larger pond is typically much deeper so a fountain alone will not support the life in the water. It will also not move the water around enough to keep mosquitoes and other pests attracted to still water away from the pond. An aeration system will move the deeper water underneath the surface, while the fountain moves the surface water. The deeper system is usually included in the original plans for the pond and is installed at the same time. A fountain, if one is desired, can be added at any time. Those are affordable and easy to install so that is not a problem.

The variety of sizes, colors, and styles of fountains is immense. There is something for any theme, preference, or budget. A small pond in the backyard will look fun with a short, fairy-themed fountain. A classic statue design fountain will add elegance to a medium size pond with a footbridge. Large ponds, such as those found at some Las Vegas casinos, have limitless possibilities for size and scope. Searching online will result in the widest selection at the lowest prices.

The power and speed of the spray depends on the type of engine in the fountain. It is important to consider what is in the pond before setting the height and force of the spray. If there are small fish, for example, the spray should be slow and easy. A decorative pond with rocks in it, or a flat tiled bottom can handle a fast and hard spray pattern. The breeze and mist will delight passers-by and cool the immediate area.