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Ways Used to Control Pests.

Pests are a specific communal problem in the world affecting nearly everyone. Pests refer to insects that destroy crops and other undergrowth or agricultural estate types. There is a technique of controlling or regulating pests which upset human health, vegetation, and farm produce known as pest control. Mice, lice, and mosquitoes are examples of pests that interrupt human health. Technology and science have advanced hence specialists have recognized a number of approaches to clear of the pests. Controlling pests have existed ever since agriculture began. Pest control controls herbivores that compete with humans, and other species of weeds that compete with crops. Pest management involves various steps to control pests. Various steps are, identify the kind of pest, and decide which method to use and lastly use the method to control the pest.

Natural Method involves using of natural parasites and predators in water resources, in agriculture farms, structures and is totally safe to human kind and pets ,for example, a cat is a pet but a predator to mice and rats. Fumigation is a method of pest control is used for structured areas and involves in closing and sealing the area airtight and inducing gas concentration to destroy entirely varieties of pests while pets are housed somewhere else. Soil sterilization is effective methods of soil steaming thus pests inhabited in soil are killed by heat and suffocation. Non-toxic oils repellents obtained from trees like Balsam fir oil rat repellent are used as the biological method. Trees produce non-toxic repellent oils to repel pests, for example, the rat repellent named Balsam fir oil. Planting some pest repellents plant is a biological method, for example, planting onion in a spinach farm to repel spinach pests.

Whenever there is the usage of insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides to control pests that is a chemical method of pest control. When animals are secluded from their structures then their structures get sprayed with insecticides the method is well known as space treatment. Poisoned bait is another chemical method used to control rats. Handheld sprayers are sprayers used to spray pests or structures that are inhabited with pests for instance mosquitoes, weevils and other produce pests, this is a spray method. Instance when pesticides sprayed are used is spraying cattle to destroy ticks.

There is no use of chemicals when using traditional methods to control pests and weeds. After harvesting some people burns the left overs of weeds hence controlling pests by destroying the eggs inhabited in them. Traps are convenient traps that are used to trick and trap mice and rats from home and stores. Traps are designed differently to serve different purposes. Destruction of infected plants is a method used sometimes of which the infected trees and plants in the agriculture sectors and forests are destroyed to control the pests.

Pest control is necessary for human health, healthy pets and animals and best farm produce.

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