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Things That You Should do to Make Your Lawn Healthy.

Many people always think that lawn is not important. Not only the beauty of environment but also other functions as well. Some of its other functions are; prevents soil erosion by covering the soil, provide oxygen, fight off pollution, trap dust particle and prevent noise pollution by trapping sound.

Consider the soil type you are using. For you to have a healthy lawn you need to have healthy and fertile soil with enough nutrients. Make sure that you carry out soil test. In case you don’t have a kit you can purchase one. Soil test is going to give you a clear view of the fertility of the soil and if it is good for your lawn. This can also be done by walking around and see how the neighbor’s lawn is doing. This will give you practical experience on lawn growth.
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The Essential Laws of Lawns Explained

You should also identify the grass type you want to plant. If you are looking for grass you should put into your mind that different grasses grow in different geographical settings. It is very important that you consider variety of factors before you pick the grass of your choice. The climate of your area, the amount of rainfall, the temperature, and the slope are some of the factors that you should put into consideration. If you consider all these factors you will come up with the best grass that can grow in your area. The soil that is used in planting the grass should be loosened using the appropriate tool. Loosening the soil is going to allow air in the soil. The seeds should then be spread on the loose soil and covered with … Read More ...