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Tips on Packaging that Sells Your Products Real Quick You most probably are aware of the centuries old adage that says that you should not judge a book by its cover Studies show that people typically make judgments on people they have just met within the first 4 seconds,forming impressions that last. Clearly,the first impression that a person or a product makes on others is important and in some cases,those few seconds are all people have got to make important decisions. This is why product packaging is important. Why do people pick and promptly pay for those chocolate bars normally displayed near the cashier’s area? Don’t you think that cool,romantic and inviting chocolaty look on the bars got something to do with it? Can you imagine that people spend roughly 4 seconds sizing up a product on a shelf in a supermarket? Whether you are a product manufacturer or a marketer dealing in goods that are supposed to be fast moving except they are not,you may need to reconsider tweaking the design look on your products to drive sales up. The packaging design process is a challenging one and you need to hire a good packaging designer or outsource to a reliable packaging service. A good designer will generally consider the following general considerations.
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Simplicity and clarity is a simple rule that seasoned packaging design companies adhere to The packaging should make your product to be immediately identifiable for what it is
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Integrity is another consideration that many people fuss around with. A good designer will use great packaging to successfully showcase your product which already should be of good quality. There should be some serious focus on the level of impact that your product should have on a real supermarket shelf. Creativity is what will help your hired packaging design agency achieve this. Work with your packaging designer to come up with a packaging design that separates in a strongly visible way your goods from those of competitors. A design’s practical aspects have been known to determine the level of sales reached by that product. It is possible to drive sales up immediately by simply adjusting the practical visual appearance of a product. After the design agency is through with the assignment,carefully examine and test the packaging design to make sure that it clearly communicates the brand’s benefits,protects the actual products either in transit or in storage bears all the information required by regulations.